Couscous is one of the foods that many people have not yet experienced. A smaller type of couscous is actualy made from grain and looks more like rice is considered pasta. Couscous is both a pasta and a grain – it depends who you ask, made with semolina flour, which is known for its nutritional properties and has a good nutritional value and fiber amount in the diet. Couscous is dishes are mainly found in Africa, the Middle East and the Mediterranean areas.

Including couscous in your diet will provide you with several health benefits. Just 1 cup of couscous provides you up to 60% of daily value with selenium. Selenium is a trace mineral that the your body needs to function properly. It is also acting as an antioxidant and protector of healthy cells, which counters mutating effects of toxins that can change the DNA, leading to disease and premature aging.

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